How we met…….

I lived next to her for almost 2 years before we even met. One Saturday morning about 9am after id pulled an all nighter caking she knocked on my door. I had half an hour before the cakes were due to be picked up and was franticly trying to rid my floors of cake crumbs, icing and broken sugar flowers.

I panicked thinking they were early. I opened the door, broom in hand, crazy hair, bloodshot eyes, track suit pants, no bra, covered in icing sugar ( hot right?) to find her standing there. She explained that she had been broken in to and as I was a single mother living alone thought to give me a heads up.

I told her I’m sorry but I have to keep going but please come in. I pointed to the cakes and said ” that’s what I do”. As I swept and panicked we chatted easily. Then she was gone…….

Not too long after she came over and ordered a cake from me but still we remained strangers.

A month later I was moving out and she popped over with a bunch of chicken nuggets for my child. My house was empty apart from a mattress on the floor in the lounge and my cleaning things.

5 hours later she left. We talked about anything and everything and I was surprised how we just clicked. No effort, no awkward silences and nothing out of bounds. Why hadn’t we met earlier?

We messaged each other about the strange way we just hit it off as in life that’s a rare occurrence. She’s very guarded ( with good reason) and I think felt vulnerable that she shared some things about herself to a total stranger when she would usually say nothing.

We agreed that we’d be great friends probably forever because we just got each other.

After I moved we caught up a couple of times a week with another neighbour for games nights, chats and always kept her up late.

I do have to note though I was glad she told me she had a normal job because I had a theory……… Her front windows, covered in newspaper, her aircon/ heater running 24/7. I was convinced she was growing weed.
Turns out she’s just sensitive to heat/ cold and her custom made curtain pole was not made yet. Lol

Now so how did we cross the line from friends to lovers………. Watch this space 🙂