Mummy and Mum…..

Our daughter who turns 6 this week came to me and said,

“Mummy do you think it would be ok if I called you Mummy and Justene Mum?

I told her that she could call justene whatever she was comfortable with but I have to tell you she melted my heart.

I love seeing them interact together and I love how content my daughter is in our little family…..

She loves her two mummies……


Can we have and do it all?…….

It’s been too long since I last blogged……..

Life has been hectic in all the everyday things and the big things too.

Currently Justene is having a barage of tests to try and find the source of her pain, we are househunting. Still trying to work out if we want to spend more and buy a house with nothing left to do or buy a bit cheaper with minor things to do……. our biggest problem is land space. The blocks these days are just too tiny.

As for our relationship we’ve had a few rainy days. Justene has a higher sex drive than I do. Normal for most couples I believe??????

The thing is I think she equates my desire for sex as my love for her. Couldn’ be further from the truth.

I love her more now than I ever have. She’s my soulmate that I’m sure. She gets me…….

I love her quirks, our conversations, our life together…… I love her phone calls everyday and the way she loves me.  I think she is sexy and undoubtedly one of the most beautful people I have ever met and had the pleasure to love and share my life with.

My sex drive wavers depending on my tiredness, how much the kid has been a turd and at the moment with the hopital tests, getting ready for holidays in september, househunting, making cakes, doing quotes, our daughters 6th birthday is on sunday which coincides with a visit from her dad who’s still my husband and her little brother who is 8 months younger than her and the product of the affair that broke our marriage and left me a single mum with a baby on the way……. I feel overwhelmed and not on solid ground. Truth is I’m having a little trouble keeping it together.

I just want to keep my family together and happy. Some days I feel i’m failing at that too. 

We are almost two years in…….. Is this normal? Is this a problem? 

I don’t have plans on going anywhere. She’s my forever….. I will find a way to show her just how much she means to me…….

Can we have and do it all?